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village de mirabel aux baronnies

7 km from Nyons, 9,5 km from Vaison la Romaine, 7,5 km from Villedieu

GPS: 44° 18′ 41″ N 5° 06′ 39″ E
Altitude: 263
Population: 1555

An attractive hilltop village, Mirabel aux Baronnies is surrounded by old houses typical of the region.
Presented by the Montauban family to the Saint-Césaire d'Arles Abbey in 1026, it belonged to the dauphins in the fourteenth century, who installed a treasury there. Mirabel is renowned for its pleasant climate and natural beauty.

clocher de mirabel aux baronnies

What to see and visit: the castle's ruins; the twelfth-century fortifications and lookout tower; the Le Calvaire chapel; the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Beaulieu; a fountain and remains of the ancient ramparts can be seen in the village centre.